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Most of us have good intentions about saving for retirement. But according to most studies, only a small percentage of us put those good intentions into practice. So, what’s the magic tip about saving for retirement? Is it the type of savings vehicle you should choose – 401(K), IRA, SEPs? Is it how much per month you should sock away?’s when you should save: sooner

3 tips to torch belly fat

The One Thing Everyone Should Know About Saving for Retirement

Recent research gives insights to changes to our diet, sleep and exercise behaviors that can help extend our lives.

Whether your retirement years bring a serious illness or you live to 110, it's important to prepare financially. 

5 ways to improve your credit score

"The three types of life insurance you need to know, explained in a way that's easy to understand: rent, own, and rent to own."

infographic: 11 questions to start the new year 

Summer is right around the corner, and many of us are less than excited to don a bikini. Fear not. With a few timely tweaks to master your metabolism and burn belly fat, you’ll be ready to bare your beach body!

1. Lose the booze! Alcohol is processed in your body like carbohydrates....

6 ways to STAY YOUNG


"Wendy Lyon believes that anyone should have access to superior financial advice, and thus she has devoted her career to making the secrets of the wealthy available to the masses. Ms. Lyon shared her business growth story with us [Dunn & Bradstreet] at the Small Biz Expo in San Diego."

"5 Simple Steps to Financial Success"

Do these, and you could be on your way to being in the top 4% of America's wealthiest.

Which would you rather be - a consumer, or a wealth-builder?

Your FICO score can impact whether you get a loan, how fast you get out of debt, and even whether or not you get hired for a job! Find out the top 5 ways to improve your credit score.

People looking for that extra “edge” – in their professional life or their personal life – would do well to work on their mental fitness. Much like lifting weights at the gym makes your muscles stronger, practicing these 18 behaviors strengthens your brain, and builds your mental “toughness,” or resilience.

No matter the time of year, it pays to do a little introspection on what went right for us in the previous year, what went wrong, and what we can learn from both. This infographic steps you through 11 questions to ask yourself to propel you successfully into a new year.

infographic: 18 Things Mentally Strong People Do

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